Gedik Ahmed Pasha was an Ottoman grand vizier as well as an army and navy commander during the reigns of sultans Mehmed the Conqueror and Beyazid II.
His background remains largely unknown.
 Some sources claim that he was of Albanian descent and others that he was of Serbian descent. He undertook virtually all of his construction enterprises in Anatolia.
Leading the Ottoman Army, he defeated the last beylik (principality) resisting Ottoman expansion in Anatolia, the Karamanids. The Karamanids had been the strongest principality in Anatolia for nearly 200 years, even stronger than the Ottomans in the latter's beginning. They effectively succeeded the Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate in the amount of possessions they held, among them the city of Konya, the former Selçuk capital. Gedik Ahmed Pasha's victory against the Karamanids in 1471, conquering their territory as well as the Mediterranean coastal region around Ermenek, Mennan and Silifke, proved crucial for the future of the Ottomans.
Gedik Ahmed Pasha also fought against Venetians in the Mediterranean and was dispatched in 1475 by the Sultan to aid the Crimean Khanate against Genoese forces. In Crimea, he conquered Caffa, Soldaia, Cembalo and other Genoese castles as well as the Principality of Theodoro with its capital Mangup and the coastal regions of Crimea. He rescued the Khan of Crimea, Meñli I Giray, from Genoese forces. As a result of this campaign, Crimea and Circassia entered into the Ottoman sphere of influence.
In 1479, Sultan Mehmet II ordered him lead a siege force of between 10,000 and 40,000 troops in the siege of Shkodra. Later that year, the sultan ordered him to lead the Ottoman Navy in the Mediterranean Sea as part of the war against Naples and Milan. During his campaign, Gedik Ahmed Pasha conquered the islands of Santa Maura (Lefkada), Kefalonia and Zante (Zakynthos). Since he had conquered Constantinople in 1453, Mehmed II saw himself as the inheritor of the Roman Empire and seriously considered the conquest of Italy to reunite Roman lands under his dynasty. As part of this plan, Gedik Ahmed Pasha was sent with a naval force to the heel of the Italian peninsula.
After a failed attempt to conquer Rhodes from the Knights of St. John he took the harbor city Otranto in 1480. But due to lack of food, he had to return with most of his troops to Albania in the same year, planning to continue the campaign in 1481.
The death of Mehmed II prevented this. Instead he sided with Beyazid II in the struggle for who would succeed the Sultan. However Beyazid II did not fully trust Gedik Ahmed Pasha and had him imprisoned and later killed on November 18, 1482 at Adrianople.
Gedik Ahmet Paşa had Mimar Hayrettin who was one of the most famous architects of Ottoman Empire built ''Gedikpaşa Turkish Bath'' in 1475.Gedikpaşa Turkish Bat is one of the most important Ottoman Arhitectural historical buildings in İstanbul. It is the centere 100 mt. Away from Hotel Gedik Pasa Konagi.
Gedik Paşa Turksih Bath is open everyday from 06:00 ta 24:00 hours for male and female customers at the same time, in different parts. After paying the price to the cashier section at the entrance, customers go to the changing cabins at the square section. After taking off clothes and them content in the cabins, customers take their “peştemal” (a kind of long towel used in Turkish Bath) and go to “hot” (Washing Section) of the Turkish Bath.
There is centre Stone (Göbek Taşı-a marbel platform) in the middle of this section and basins of the bath for washing surrounding the centre Stone and sauna at the opposite side of the centre Stone (Göbek Taşı) for a healthy sweating. The ceiling of the bath is covered with several small and big domes which were made in Horosan. Turksih Bath has a unique pool for people who want to take a dip after sweating in the sauna; masseuses comes and give you a massage with coarse bath glove that also washes the body, on the centre Stone of the bath. After the massage, you can wash yourself and take the advantage of a dip in the pool.
After cleaning, an employee comes and dries your body with towels. After that, you can have good time by drinking tea and other beverages.